Postgraduate courses

This page lists currently imparted postgraduate courses in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science postgraduate degrees in the Escuela Politécnica Superior at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

{'en': '''Master's degree in Telecommunication Engineering and Computer Science''','es': '''Master e

  • Tratamiento Digital de Imágenes. 1º Cursos: (2007-2008), (2008-2009), (2009-2010), (2010-2011), (2011-2012),
    The main objective is to present advanced techniques for image digital processing, as well as their application to problems with high and medium complexity.
  • Tratamiento Digital de Video. 1º Cursos: (2006-2007), (2007-2008), (2008-2009), (2009-2010), (2010-2011), (2011-2012)
  • Indexación y acceso a contenido audiovisual. 1º Cursos: (2006-2007), (2007-2008), (2008-2009), (2009-2010), (2010-2011), (2011-2012)

Master's degree in ICT research and innovation